God warns Noah that he has decided to destroy all the sinful humans and everything living – except for Noah and his family. They should build a ship according to God’s instructions. Noah and his family start the work – all except his wife, who has sat down to drink with her friends. In the meantime, Noah has followed God’s instructions and collected two of every kind of animal, which then go onto the ship. Because Noah’s wife still refuses to go on board, her sons have to carry her there– just in time, before her gossiping friends are swept away by the water.
After 40 days, Noah sends out a raven to look for dry land, but it doesn’t come back. Then he sends a dove, which returns with an olive branch in its beak – a sign of peace between God and mankind. As Noah and the other passengers leave the ship, God makes a rainbow appear in heaven as a sign that Earth will never be completely flooded again.



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