Thursday, 22.11.18, 20:00
Kammer 1, Münchner Kammerspiele

Based on the revue piece Die zwei Krawatten (The Two Neckties,1929) by Mischa Spoliansky and Georg Kaiser Schicksalscombo Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich CONDUCTOR Daniel Grossmann GästeSpiel – this is the name of the benefit series for KulturRaum München e.V., a charitable organisation of mostly volunteers, that distributes free tickets to low-income people to enable them to participate in Munich’s cultural life. Since 2015, GästeSpiel (Guests Performance in English) annually gathers artists from different fields to support this wonderful project with action. In 2018 GästeSpiel is approaching the classical music genre. But it would not be GästeSpiel if it were “just” a classical music concert or opera performance. Create interest in more culture and break the genre barriers – that is the motto for this benefit series, where in this year’s edition the Munich band Schicksalscombo and the Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich will explore their way to an anarchic-musical genre mix. Other musical borderline figures will join them, above all the Jewish-Russian-British composer Mischa Spoliansky (1898-1985), praised by critics as “master of the great revue pieces and satirical cabaret song”. On the basis of his Zwei Krawatten, the Schicksalscombo and the Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich will create a format that has never been– be ready for surprises!


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