Monday, 5.11.18, 20:00
Stadttheater Aschaffenburg

Das alte Gesetz (The Ancient Law, 1923) Silent film with live music Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich CONDUCTOR Daniel Grossmann In the middle of the19th century, Baruch, the son of a rabbi, decides to leave his Galician shtetl against the will of his father to become an actor. He first joins a traveling theatre troupe, where the Austrian Archduchess Elisabeth Theresia notices his performance. Through her influence he gains an engagement at the Vienna Burgtheater. Baruch becomes a celebrated and successful star. But his father, Rabbi Mayer, is horrified by his son’s life and disowns him. When the rabbi visits a performance of Don Carlos where his son is acting, he is very impressed by his acting talent. He recognises G*d`s mercy and forgives his son after a discussion with him. Baruch returns home, where Esther, his childhood love, has been waiting for him.


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